Knife attack victim left bleeding in parking lot

A jobless Filipino has confessed to the crime with the intention of stealing

A 32-year-old jobless Filipino, ZKL, allegedly stabbed a secretary in her building and ran away with her bag, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The victim SMA, Egyptian, testified that at around 6pm on January 17, 2011, she walked from her employer’s office, a law firm, back home. “As I entered the building someone called me. When I turned a man surprised me with a stab in my belly. He did not say anything. I was scared so I handed him my bag. He took the bag and ran away.
“In fact, before I entered the building, I felt someone touching my shoulder. But I ignored it. I do not know if it was the same person who stabbed me because I did not turn back,” she testified.
A Filipino waiter, FDD, testified that at around 6.30 and while he was standing in front of a cafeteria to have a light meal, he saw a Filipino running very fast and carrying a woman’s bag in his hand and he was holding something else in his hand.
“I also noticed a knife in his hand. A little while later I heard a woman scream. I ran towards the direction of the cry found out a woman lying in the parking lot and holding her belly, with blood-stained clothes. I gave her my mobile and she called the police,” he testified.
“The alleged suspect was wearing a sports shirt and cap. I did not see any blood on his shirt,” the Filipino added.
The witness also told the police he did not think the man was drunk because he was running well and steadily.
The court records do not mention how the police arrested the suspect.
The witness recognised the accused.
Meanwhile, the accused confessed to stabbing the victim with the intention of robbing her. He denied that he intended to kill her. He also denied he was drunk.
The court adjourned the case for verdict until December 30.
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