Maid accused of pouring hot substance on kid

Maid had not shown any “aggressive” behaviour before the incident. (Emarat Al Youm)

An Indonesian housemaid was accused of pouring hot chemical substance on employer’s four-year-old boy in Sharjah, causing burns to his face and body.

The maid could be jailed for three years and deported from the UAE although she had told police the boy poured the substance by accident.

The judge hearing the case on Wednesday adjourned the session until the end of July because of the maid’s absence.

The boy, an adopted son of the maid’s employers, has been bed-ridden at a hospital in Germany for cosmetic operations after suffering from serious burns.

Her employer said she hired the maid nearly four years ago and that she had not shown any “aggressive” behaviour, adding that she was supposed to leave the UAE just before that incident occurred.

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