Maid robs, absconds and accuses sponsor of raping her

Housemaid's claims proved to be false

A maid, who allegedly stole a mobile phone and absconded from her sponsor's home, later accused the man of the house of raping her. She also claimed that the reason behind her running away from the family’s house was the sexual assault that she was subjected to.

However, upon investigation it was found that the sponsor was away from the country for three months during and after her stay in his house.

Her employer RS, 34, told the police that the maid RW, 27, an Indonesian was hired through a labour supply agency. She joined work on May 26 and after four days the woman's mobile went missing. "I was charging it in my bedroom. In the evening I checked and did not find it there. I asked my mother if she had seen it but she answered negatively. Then I asked the maid who denied taking it.

"When I dialled the number, the mobile phone was switched off. I did not expect that the maid would have stolen it. On the following day, I went go grocery shopping and on my way out asked the maid to close the door. When I returned, I found the flat’s main door was open and so I asked my mother about the maid.

"My mother told me that she could be taking a bath. Upon checking the bathroom, I found that she was not inside. I suspected that she might have absconded and she must be the one who had stolen the mobile phone.

"When I dialled the number, I could hear the phone ringing but the call went unanswered,” she testified.The employer informed the police and she was asked by them to inform the labour supply office.

On the following day, RS called the agency from where she had sourced her maid and informed them about the incident. “I was told that she could have sought shelter in her country’s embassy. But upon checking with the embassy, I found she was not there.

"On the following day, one of the employees at the agency told me that the maid had complained that my husband had raped her. I argued that my husband is out of the country and if she is insisting on her claims, let her file a complaint with the police.

"I immediately filed a complaint with the police.”

Police rushed to the office and arrested the maid and confiscated her employer’s mobile phone from her bag. The maid denied stealing the mobile and claimed that she had got it as a gift from her employer.
When confronted why she ran away from the family, she claimed that the husband had raped her. Police checked the claim and found out that AH, RS’s husband was out of the country for the past three months

As the maid had never met the man during her four days' stay in the family’s house, police showed her a picture of another man to identify her so-called 'rapist'.

“She told us, this is the one who raped her and that he is her sponsor’s husband. This proved that her rape claim was a mere lie,” said police officer Fayez Ahmad.

The Court will issue its sentence on September 30.

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