Maid's idea to steal jewellery - hide it in soap

A Filipina housemaid made a hole in a piece of soap, stuffed it with gold jewellery that she stole to take it out of her employer’s house, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

LRJ, 29, is also accused of stealing cash from the house that she transferred to her country with the help of DDJ, 43, housemaid in her neighbour’s house, who charged her a Dh20 pre-paid telephone card for each money transfer.

FMS, 33, Emirati manager, testified that in February the family discovered gold jewellery missing from his house in Jumeirah.

“A month later, my mother told me that she has lost Dh2,000. I suspected the housemaid and decided to trap her. We kept some gold jewellery in the bedroom drawer which went missing.

“When confronted, the housemaid initially denied theft but later confessed and handed over a blue ‘Dove’ soap. She confessed to cutting the soap into two halves, making a hole in each half, stuffing the holes with jewellery and rejoining the two halves of the soap so as to make it easier to take it out of the house,” he testified.

While the police were in the house, the housemaid dropped a small box which contained stolen money of Dh1,000. In her room there were money transfers receipts in the name of DDJ who confessed to transferring amounts into LRJ’s bank account in her country against the charge of a Dh20 prepaid phone card.

DDJ was accused of possessing stolen items.

The court will award its verdict on July 9.

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