Maid who stole Dh1m gets one year in jail

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced KWZ, a 30-year-old Ethiopian maid, to one year in jail followed by deportation after finding her guilty of stealing Dh 1million in cash and jewellery from the safe of her employer.

According to the records, ZSM, the victim, was exercising in the living room when the maid committed the theft.

The key of the safe was in ZSM’s bag which she kept in her bed room. When she did not find the key in the bag and found that the safe was locked and the maid had disappeared, she called the police who came and opened the safe which was completely emptied.

“There was about a million dirhams and a big collection of jewellery,” testified the victim.

Police suspected the maid who was living with a compatriot. KWZ confessed to stealing from her employer’s safe following the suggestion of a compatriot.

“On October 9, 2011, at around 2pm, I received a call from MMQ, Ethiopian, who asked me to steal the money and jewellery from the safe of my employer who was exercising in the living room. I went to the bed room, got the key of the safe from her bag and opened it. There was a big quantity of money and jewellery.

"I put the money and the gold in a bag I found in the safe and left the house. I called MMQ who came with his car and dropped me in Al Rashidiya after taking the bag. He gave me about Dh200,000 from the amount.The next day he came and took the Dh200,000 and gave me Dh3,000 and told me that he will leave for Ethiopia where he will buy me a house,” she testified.

Police arrested some people who possessed some of the stolen money but they all denied awareness that it was stolen. They said they were given the money by MMQ who asked them to transfer it to his country or were against commercial deals.

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