Man accused of defaming his ex-wife

A Pakistani man has been accused of defaming his ex-wife in order to break her present marriage, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The accused ZR, 42, is also accused of invading MM's privacy by taking her pictures and posting them on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Google plus, Facebook and Twitter.

The man allegedly blackmailed her present husband over free video call service 'IMO' to divorce MM or else he would publish her pictures to defame her.

Electrician, BA, 47, testified before the prosecution that he was married to MM, who was divorced from ZR.

"The ex-husband had called me and told me that my wife's character was questionable and that MM has a bad reputation. He asked me to divorce her or else he would cause trouble in our life.

"Six months later, he called me again but I did not answer his calls. On April 10, he sent me revealing pictures of my wife. Two hours later he again called, but I did not answer, instead I lodged a complaint with the police," testified the husband.

The 24-year-old wife, repeated the testimony and corroborated the incidents.

Police arrested ZR and recovered 21 pictures and videos of MM in his two mobile phones.

The accused admitted to threatening MM and her husband via 'IMO'.

The court will give sentence on August 21.