Man confined woman at knife-point for raping her

An Egyptian accountant allegedly confined a Filipina at knife point for raping her, the Dubai Criminal Court heard. OAK, 34, is also accused of stealing the victim’s Blackberry mobile phone.

The victim MNJ, 26, waitress, testified that she knew the accused via a chat website who contacted her on September 1, 2011 at around 2pm on her mobile phone and Facebook.

“He claimed that he is organising a party celebrating Eid Al Fitr and invited me. He gave me his address in the International City. At around 2.45pm, I rang the bell of Flat No.101 on the ground floor as he told me but he opened the opposite door of Flat No. 106. As I asked him why. He then pulled a knife from his pocket and held it to my neck and dragged me into his flat. He locked the door and threw me on a mattress three times trying to make me lie down. Then he tied my legs and asked me at knife point to take off my dress.  I asked him to take anything he wanted and to leave me.  When he was searching my bag and taking my mobile phone, he put the knife on the floor. I grabbed the opportunity and took the knife.  He tried to get it back from me but I rushed towards the window, opened it and jumped outside. I sought the help of a pedestrian who called the police,” she testified.

Policeman Fahed Abbas testified that at around 3.30pm, he headed to the location following a notification from the operations room.

The complainant Khalid Abbas, a Syrian, testified that he saw the woman in the area and her hand was bleeding and she was holding a knife. He knew that someone had threatened her with the knife.  The woman sat on the sand bare footed and there were blood stains on her white jeans.

“She told me that while she was walking towards the Chinese market, the accused called her and asked to help him in some work in the building. As she got into the building, he pulled out a knife and dragged her into his flat. When he went to bring a rope to tie her up, she jumped out of the balcony and he ran after her holding a knife. The door was not firmly locked. We got into the flat. Her bag. and slippers were in the flat as well as his mobile phone. The accused was arrested at about 500 metres away from the building," he testified.

The accused claimed that she had agreed to offer him sex against Dh1,500. However, he confessed to dragging her at knife point into the flat which is not his but was empty and that he had changed its lock a day before the crime.

The court adjourned the case for verdict until March 25.