Man gets 10 years for assaulting Brit expat

An Afghani who attacked a British on the streets of Dubai and attempted to rape her was sentenced to 10 years in jail by the Dubai Court of First Instance.

NJT, 32, a fitness trainer, escaped her rapist by pretending to accept his offer to have sex with him.

She testified that while she was walking behind the Dubai Police Academy in the evening, a man caught her from the back and with all his force dragged her to a sandy area off the street.

“He pushed me to the ground and sat on me and started stripping my trousers. I pretended to go along with him and I grabbed the first opportunity and ran away leaving behind my trouser and shoes and bag in the scene of crime,” she testified.

The victim reported the crime to the police who started an investigation. Forensic report showed scratches and bruises on her body.

A 61-year-old Indian driver DFD, testified that he found a sack near a parked car in front of a supermarket on Al Manara road.

"I found bank and ID cards in it. I searched the area until I reached a saloon. The workers there called up the card holder from the numbers mentioned in the documents. The card holder came along with the police,” he testified.

After two weeks, police identified the attacker who had a criminal record for a similar crime in Abu Dhabi.

His fingerprints were on the cards, testified Sergeant Rashid Omar.

The accused was trapped by the police and the victim was able to recognize him in an identification parade.

The accused confessed to the accusation and guided the police to the scene of the crime.

Police also confiscated the victim’s bag and mobile phone in his accommodation.

The Prosecution filed a case of atempted rape against MNM.

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