Man gives friend death sentence for Dh6k theft

Dubai Court awards Bangladeshi worker life sentence

A 25-year-old Bangladeshi worker killed his friend by stabbing him in his chest and stomach several times while he was asleep in illness.

The convict killed him in his accommodation in Al Quoz over Dh6,000 theft issue.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First instance on Sunday awarded him life sentence followed by deportation.

Other four Bangladeshis workers and an Omani technician were sentenced to three months in jail followed be deportation for sheltering the accused and helping him flee to Oman.

According to the records, the convict, MIA, went to the victim Kamal Hussain accommodation who had not gone to work for being ill. MIA took a knife and stabbed the victim while he was sleeping on June 20, 2011.

The crime scene showed that there was blood on the bed and the wall while the body was discovered by workers lying on the floor. Whereas, the accused who was seen with victim the night before, was not found at the accommodation.

Forensic doctor testified that the victim died because he sustained four deep stabs that caused internal bleeding. The victim also sustained other three wounds in his legs that of defensive nature.

The accused claimed that he had a fight with the victim so he stabbed him but didn’t want to kill him. He claimed that the victim had hit him and scratched him with his nails.

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