Man groped girl while mom snapped their pics

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a sentence of six months in jail followed by deportation against a 30-year-old Iranian worker for groping a minor girl in a shop while her mother was taking photographing her with him.

According to the records, on April 5, at around 9.40pm, police received a complaint from the girl’s mother about her daughter having been groped in one of the herbal product shops in the city’s Naif area.

Police arrived in the shop and asked the accused about the complaint. He said he was visiting his friend in the shop when the mother and her daughter entered.

The accused was very scared and confessed that he had groped the girl’s breasts and buttocks.

The victim, YM, testified that as she and her mother entered the shop, the accused asked the mother to take her pictures in the shop. The mom agreed and pulled her camera and took pictures of her daughter and the man.

But the girl was upset when she left the shop and told her mother about the reason. The mother returned to the shop and confronted the accused who confessed and apologised for what he had done.

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