Man jailed 5 years for stabbing co-worker

Reason for crime unclear; Victim was lured into accused's room

A Pakistani worker was found guilty of premeditated attempt to kill his co-worker after dragging him by his leg into his room in a labour camp and was sentenced to five years in jail.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First instance also ordered deportation of KM, 23, after serving his jail term.
According to the records, the victim MR, 20, Pakistani, had lost his bank card. While searching for it, he asked his co-workers if they had seen it.
On September 25, 2014, at around 9pm, his co-worker KM came to him while he was in his room and told him that he had found the bank card.
MK asked the victim to accompany him to his room to take the card.
“When I entered his room, he asked me to sit on the bed. He walked towards the door and locked it from inside after switching off the light. Then he came to me and stabbed me several times in my belly, chest and back. The knife broke when I tried to defend myself from the attack,” said the victim.
The victim rushed to the door, opened it and fell unconscious at the doorstep.
Other workers, who heard the victim shouting and screaming for help, rushed to the room from where the sounds were coming.
One of the workers MH, 34, was in the same room when the accused came to the victim and asked him to accompany him to his room.
“He told him that he had found the bank card and asked him to accompany him to his room to take it. When the victim went with him, I entered the bathroom for a shower. Suddenly, I heard shouts and screams. I got out of the bathroom and rushed to the room from where the shouts were coming from. It was the accused’s room. Other workers also rushed to the scene. I tried to open the door, but it was locked from inside. I tried to break the door but could not. Then the door was opened from inside and the victim fell at my feet,” MH told investigators.
MH immediately locked the room’s door to prevent the attacker from running away.
Workers called the police who arrived, opened the door and asked the accused to surrender. The victim was rushed to hospital where his life was saved.
The stabber came out of the room and police arrested him. Policemen searched the room and found the broken knife.
The stabber admitted to pulling the victim by his leg into his room and stabbing him. He told investigators that he planned his crime 15 minutes before committing it.
“I brought a kitchen knife and hid it in my pocket and lured the victim from his room into my room. I stabbed him after I locked the door and switched off the light,” he told investigators without telling the reason why he did what he did.
Forensic reported that the victim sustained fatal deep stabs, two in the belly and one each in the chest and back. The chest stab was close to the heart, the report said.
 It was also reported that the victim would have died of stab wounds if instant medical intervention was not available.
When he appeared before the court, the accused admitted to stabbing his co-worker but claimed that it was in self defence.


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