Man on trial over row with parking inspector

A man will stand trial in Abu Dhabi on charges of abusing an inspector from Mawaqif of the Department of Transport although the defendant and a witness denied he committed such an offence.

Mawaqif inspector said the man ripped a ticket issued against him for wrong parking then swore at him and said abusive words in a public place.

The man denied the charges and a female witness who was present during the argument supported him, saying he only said “Oh, My God.”

Emirat Alyoum daily said the court set hearings on September 20, which could be the first case involving a ticket issued by a Mawaqif employee.

Hundreds of Mawaqif inspectors are deployed through Abu Dhabi daily to ensure cars abide by rules in paid parking places.

Mawaqif has come under public fire by the public many times over its excessive penalties against car owners, who complain about lack of parking spaces. Some say Mawaqif, created three years ago, has only aggravated the parking problem in Abu Dhabi, where it has set up more than 70,000 paid parking spaces.


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