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10 December 2023

Man pushes prostitute from 1st floor’s window, crashes on top of a car

By Eman Al Baik

A British allegedly pushed a Ukrainian prostitute from a hotel’s window and caused 30 per cent rate of permanent disability over a money dispute, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

Apart from the assault, ZA, 37, salesman, is accused of consuming alcohol and having consensual sex with AK, 36, who is also accused of practising prostitution and offering have sex with ZA for Dh500.

AK, who holds an investor’s visa, testified before the Prosecution that on October 23, 2010 she met ZA in a bar at Panorama hotel in Bur Dubai and sat with him since he was sitting alone.

“I went with him to Fortune Hotel where a dispute broke between us. I went to the bed room and locked the door. I opened the window and started calling people on the street. I called a taxi driver who usually offered me transport to pick me up from the hotel. Some people gathered underneath the building and asked them to call someone from the reception.  While I was talking again to the driver, Mustafa, the accused entered the room. I do not know how he entered. I was standing at the edge of the window. ZA held my hands and pushed me to the street. I fell on top of a car from the first floor. I got down and walked in to the hotel’s reception and asked them to call the police. An ambulance arrived and took me to the hospital where I received treatment from a fracture in my spine and bruises,” she testified.

Forensic doctor Sahar Ahmad, 43, Egyptian, testified that she checked the victim on October 24, 2010 and testified before the court and confirmed injuries and fractures.

She checked the victim again on July 5, 2011 and reported that the fracture was treated well however the victim is left with 30 per cent rate of permanent disability. The fall could have caused her death had the fracture been more sever and the blood vessels in the spine were damaged, she reported.

Mohammed Mustafa, 30, Pakistani driver, testified that the AK is his customer and he used to transport her to clubs without knowing the nature of her work.

“On October 23, 2010 at around 11.30pm, AK called me and she was screaming and crying and asking for help; then she ended the call. I called her again but she did not answer. Upon arrival at the hotel, I saw someone was driving in the parking with high speed and as he reversed fast his car collided to something. Then the hotel’s security came and seized him. I did not expect that he was the one who AK was asking help from. I entered the reception and told the employee that I came upon the request of AK who was screaming and crying when she called me. The employee told me that she is in the next room. I entered the room and AK was lying and crying of pain. She asked me to call ambulance; so I did. The hotel’s security staff brought the man into the hotel and he seemed to be drunk and did not understand what they were telling him. As they brought him into the room where AK was lying, she screamed and cried asking them to keep him away from her. Then she told me that he had pushed her to the street from the first floor’s but did not tell me any details as she was in severe pain. Two days later, I visited her in the hospital and she told me that she sustained a fracture in her spine,” he testified.

Dinish Nayer, 33, receptionist in the hotel testified that AK came to the reception and she was naked and asked him for help saying that there is a mad man in room 105. She was crying and screaming of pain. It seemed she fell from the first floor on top of a car. “I rushed to the room and saw the window was open at that time; the man was attempting to run away in his car from the hotel. I ran after him but he left his car and ran away. The two had entered the hotel at evening laughing and smiling; and she told me that he is her lover. After the incident, there were two bottles of wine in the room one of which was almost empty while the other was not open and were not bought from the hotel. There was also one glass, a cigarette box and a used condom. There was not any mess in the room nor traces of blood. The dress that she was wearing when she entered the hotel with the man was neatly placed on the dressing table and her watch was put on top of them,” he testified.

Mohammed Iyaz, 50, British, investor testified that he was with ZA in his room in Fortune Hotel then they both left to a bar and restaurant in Panorama hotel.

“A woman approached us and offered massage and sex for Dh500 per hour. I did not give her attention and went to the bathroom. As I returned I saw the woman and ZA were not there. I met few friends and stayed there. I then received a call from the hotel informing me that a woman jumped from the window of my room. Then police called me and I knew from them that ZA was with the woman in my room,” he testified.

Iyaz assured the Prosecution that the woman is a prostitute as she offered him and ZA sex against money. After the incident, ZA told him that a dispute occurred between him and the prostitute regarding the amount he had to pay her.

Lieutenant Musad Ali, testified that at around 12.45am on October 23, a notification was made to Al Rifaa Police Station about the incident. “When I arrived with my colleague, we checked the apartment and seemed that the crime happened after the two had sex. The woman who fell from the opened window had been rushed to Rashid hospital. The accused was arrested around 100 metres away from the hotel as he was watching the area and he was very drunk.”

AK confessed to the officer that she had consensual sex with ZA.

Lt Omar Awad repeated the same testimony and said that she admitted that a dispute broke about the money he should pay against the massage she offered him. She said that ZA has pushed her from the window. However, there were no signs of fight on her body except those of the fall.

ZA denied before the Court assaulting AK and having consensual sex accusations but admitted to consuming alcohol.

AK did not appear before the court which adjourned the case till December 1 to summon her.