Man rapes girlfriend, let's friend do same

An Emirati soldier raped his girlfriend and allowed his friend to do the same, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The incident took place on November 29, at around 10pm, when EM, 22, a jobless Ethiopian received a call from the soldier IM, 22 asking her to meet for dinner date.

"I agreed to meet him and when he came in a big black car, I sat in the front seat," said the victim.

"He drove for a long time and I got alarmed. I asked him where this restaurant was and he told me we would arrive soon. As he diverted into a sandy area, I was shocked to see that there was another person with us in the car who was hiding behind the seat," said the victim.

As the soldier stopped the car, his friend got off.

"Shockingly, he locked the door and jumped on me. As I shouted for help, he punched me and threatened to kill me, leaving my body in the desert if I screamed again," she said.

The accused pinned the victim down and raped her.

The other accused then came and attempted to rape her.

"I was crying badly, and I begged him not to do that to me and reminded him of his sisters and mother, so he pulled back and got off the car. I dressed quickly and was asked to move to the back seat," said the victim.

The two dropped the victim to her accommodation at Fareej Al Marrar area after stealing her mobile phone.

"After I got off the car, a police patrol came behind, so I reported the crime to the policemen who followed the car," said the victim.

Policeman Abdulghani testified that at around 4:45am, while they were patrolling at Fareej Al Marrar, they noticed a black Camry and saw a woman coming out of the car crying.

"I got off the car and my colleague continued driving to stop the car that dropped her."
The victim was crying badly and so the officer did not understand what she wanted to say. The other policeman stopped the Camry and asked the driver why the woman was crying, he claimed that she did not want to get off the car and that she wanted to cause troubles.
The woman and the two men were taken to the police station, where the woman said that she was raped.

Forensic report showed sperms of the soldier found on the victim's body and his DNA were found under her nails.

Her DNA was also found on the soldier's body.

The two men denied the accusation before the court.

The soldier told the jury that the woman is his girlfriend and they had consensual sex several times before that.

His friend also denied rape attempt charge.

The court will reconvene on May 10.