Man stabs colleague 35 times, surrenders

An Iranian man allegedly stabs his compatriot 35 times in Al Satwa area, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

After committing the crime on March 13, 2014, the 23-year-old accused AH, approached Bur Dubia Police station to surrender.

However, he refused to reveal the motive of the murder.

After killing IG, the accused called the deceased's brother, back in Iran, and told him about the crime. He also told the brother, that he is waiting for someone to come to Dubai to kill him to seek revenge.

He then left the crime scene, and headed to Bur Dubai Police station with his cloths soaked in blood and shouting hysterically: "I Killed Issa, I killed my colleague Issa."

A police officer, who was standing at the station's gate, saw and heard the accused and accompanied him inside the station.

AH specified the location of the crime and accompanied the police officers to the building.

Police saw the victim, who was in his twenties, in a pool of blood. There were blood stains on the walls of the corridor.

The body of the deceased was sent for autopsy.

Forensic report stated that the victim received 35 deep and fatal stabs on his face, neck, chest, limbs and different internal organs.

Forensic examination also found out that the deceased sustained minor knife wound in his left arm. The wound could have been caused when he tried defend the fatal blows. This was supported by the fact that the accused is a left-handed person.

The report showed that both the victim and the accused were not under the influence of alcohol.

The accused continued to hold back the motive of the murder.

The victim's brother AR, 33, arrived in Dubai six days after the crime and met the accused in his detention cell at the police station.

"When I met him and asked him about the reason, he did not answer. He, however, showed repentance for what he did," the victim's brother told investigators.

The court will reconvene on August 7.