Mistress of father, accused of killing his daughter, gives birth to baby in detention

The mistress of the father, who is accused of torturing and killing his daughter with her help, failed to appear before the court on Sunday as she has given birth to a baby while in detention.

The court adjourned the case until November 7.

The father HSJ, 29, and his mistress AMA, 27, both Emiratis,  are accused of torturing and killing the man’s 8-year-old daughter Wadeema and burying her body in the desert.

They are also accused of torturing his younger daughter Mira, 7 causing her 10 per cent permanent disability.

The father had denied the accusation accept for hiding his daughter’s body whereas his mistress has confessed to all accusations.

However, they claimed that they were mentally unstable. The court referred them to hospital for checking and reporting on their claims.In the previous hearing both the accused were reported mentally fit to stand trial.

The girls’ 30-year-old uncle, MS, naval officer, testified that the mistress was the one who was tortured the girls, denying that his brother could have done that to his daughters.

“He was doing the impossible to provide for them and to please them. He bought them an ipad. She is the one who tortured them. But I do not know why my brother kept silent about her ill-treating the girls,” testified the girl’s uncle.

Judge Al Mahdi took note of  the word ‘impossible’ and asked the witness: “Did that ‘impossible’ include not noticing the torture, abuse and leaving them imprisoned for hours without food?”

He replied that the surviving daughter Mira told him that her father’s mistress was the one who used to beat them and burn and imprison them in the bathroom.  “Mira told me that she loves her father and asked why police have taken him.”

SO, the girls’ mother, told that Court that the father won a custody case in November 2011.  “We married in 2002 and got divorced in 2006. Me and his mistress were friends and he knew her through me,” she testified.

The judge told the mother: “You gave them away and thanked God they have gone and you did not attempted to ask about them.”

“No your honour, I tried to ask about them. He did not allow me to see them. I even called his mistress to help me convince their father to let me see them but he never agreed,” she replied.

A forensic doctor said  Mira had survived her severe injuries. She was lucky not to die. He could not give a specific cause for the death of Wadeema as her body was retrieved after about six months of death and was decomposed.


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