Molester tells Abu Dhabi court he wanted to protect child from dog

An Asian man accused of molesting a 10-year-old Gulf girl in Abu Dhabi denied the charge, telling court that he only hugged her to protect her from a chasing dog.

The prosecutor had accused the man of molesting the girl while he was visiting his friend, a driver for the girl’s family in the capital.

Police arrested the man after the child’s mother reported that he took advantage of her presence in the room and molested her by touching sensitive parts of her body.

“The defendant denied the charges and told court that he was in that room with his friend when the girl came running to him and a little dog was chasing her,” the Dubai-based Arabic language daily 'Al Bayan' said.

“He said he hugged her to protect her and ease her fears. His lawyer rebuffed the charges on the grounds it is logical that the defendant would molest a little girl in just a few seconds in the presence of a friend.”

The Sharjah-based daily 'Al Khaleej' quoted the defendant as telling court that he had known the girl’s family for more than eight years and would not do this to them.

“He said that he had preached at the mosque for many years and have known that family and the girl’s father, who have invited him to meals with others many times.”

The papers said the judge decided to issue a sentence on October 28.

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