Motorist pays with his life for bad decision on Dubai Bypass Road

Two cars stop in middle of the road after accident to assess damage; Third vehicle hits and kills one of the drivers

The accident yesterday (Monday) evening on Dubai Bypass Road proved fatal for one driver, but this could have easily been avoided.

Yesterday evening around 7.00pm two vehicles clashed on Dubai Bypass Road (north). It was luckily a minor accident without any casualties.

However, what the drivers of the two vehicles decided to do next proved to become fatal for the 19-year-old driver of the second vehicle, a Honda Accord.

While the drivers were on the second lane from the left, they stopped their car to check the damage. A third car approached and was not able to stop one time; it hit the Honda, flew on top of its roof and then hit the driver of the Honda, who was standing next to his vehicle. The driver died on the spot.

"They should never have stopped on this lane to check the damage of their cars," says a spokesperson of the Traffic Department of Dubai Police.

"This is a lane where people drive on a high speed. The car that hit them may have driven a bit too fast, but even at a normal speed this is very dangerous."

According to the spokesperson it is an important lesson to be learnt, as people should realise that their lives are more important than the damage to your car.

Dubai Police said on Monday said its Command and Control Center received 330 traffic accidents reports – six of them serious – during seven hours from 6am to 1pm.

Four people died and four others were severely injured in two separate traffic accidents in Dubai yesterday. 

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