No escape for Hatta rapist of Japanese tourist

Cassation Court upholds life sentence

The Dubai Cassation Court has upheld a life sentence against an Emirati policeman for kidnapping and raping a Japanese tourist in Hatta.

The Criminal Court and the Court of Appeal have both upheld the sentences.

The policeman is accused of kidnapping and raping a Japanese tourist in Hatta on March 14.

 The 25-year-old policeman, SAA, an Emirati, has denied the charges against him.

According to prosecution MF, 24, was offered a drive by SAA to Hatta Heritage Village, but instead he deceived her and stopped at a deserted location.

 MF claimed that the policeman beat her up and threatened to kill her if she refused to allow him to have sex with her. He then molested and forcibly raped her.

The prosecution also accused SAA of rape attempt and of sodomy.

 MF testified that she arrived in the country on March 8 as a tourist.

On March 14 at around 11.30am she took public transport to Hatta. She arrived in Hatta at around 1.15pm before getting off the bus.

Forensic report state that there were bruises on the victim’s body.

Samples found under her nails proved to be that of the accused. Sperm samples from the forensic lab taken from her body also belonged to the accused.

The victim appeared scared and shocked when she arrived at the Forensic Medicine with the Japanese Consul who translated her testimony about the crime.


MF reported the incident to the Japanese Consulate, who in turn informed the police.

An investigation team was formed to search  for the owner of the black four-wheeler.

The accused was convinced to come to Hatta Police Station and on September 2 samples of his blood was taken. As DNA tests matched with those removed from the victim’s body, he was arrested.


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