Pizza worker uses mobile to film women in shower

A Filipino pizza worker allegedly took pictures of two compatriot women taking bath in their house by placing his BlackBerry with its camera on in the ventilation hole of the bathroom, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AKF, 31, is accused of offending MK and RL by shooting their nude pictures without their knowledge. MK, 35, clerk, testified that her friend RL, with whom she shared the house, found a BlackBerry in the bathroom’s ventilation hole.

“Searching the BlackBerry, we found videos of us completely naked in the bath. We immediately informed the police,” she testified.

RL, 28, a money exchange employee, repeated the same testimony.

First Corporal Ahmad Al Marzouqi testified that after investigating the complaint, police arrested AKF who confessed to the accusation and sought pardon.

Police reported nine videos recordings totalling 50 minutes on the mobile including some of the two women naked in the bath. The videos captured features of the accused while placing the mobile in the bathroom’s ventilation hole.

The verdict is set for January 5.


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