Police informer traps sellers of fake $ notes

Three jobless Africans allegedly possessed fake US currency totalling $117,800 and attempted take Dh75,000 from a Dubai Police informer by claiming that they had $5 million worth of genuine notes, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The accused are identified as JSO, 30, Cameroonian, and ROD, 30, and AOB, 34, both Nigerians.

The police learnt through an informer that AOB was selling fake dollar notes. Police arranged with the informer to fool the accused by buying from him the dollars he possessed.

On June 20, the informer met the accused who came along with others at 6pm at Al Rifaa area holding a diplomatic bag, testified policeman Dawood Ismael.

The three travelled in the informer’s car and ROB, who was holding the bag that contained forged dollar notes, handed it over to JSO who opened the bag and pulled a note and gave it to the informer.

“I could see them from my car which was parked near the informer’s car. When informer gave the agreed-upon signal, the three were arrested red handed,” he testified.

The court will reconvene on December 5.

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