Police patrol picked up ‘CID’ officers who robbed Dh6,000 from villa residents

On seeing cops, robbers dumped part of loot in garbage bin

Two jobless people, who allegedly robbed a villa after posing as CID officers, were arrested soon after the crime by a passing police patrol, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

KSJ, 23, and KMR, 24, threw the money in a garbage bin and ran when they saw the police patrol. A third accomplice vanished.

Interrogating them, police found out that the three had posed as CID officers and robbed Dh6,185 from five residents of one of the room of a villa in Al Muteena.

TMA, 45, Pakistani, one of the victims, testified that after midnight on October 3, he heard knocks on the door. His room-mate YK opened the door and three people entered. One of them was speaking in Arabic into a wireless device in his hand. He asked the people in the room to show their ID cards. 

“When I took out my wallet, the second man snatched Dh1,265 that was in it. He did the same with the other room-mates,” he testified.

MSH, 28, Pakistani, repeated the same testimony but said he claimed to the three people that he did not have any money.

“They could not find the money hidden in one of my pockets. One of them then searched the wallet and took Dh1,650 from it. Then they took the room’s key and locked us in,” he testified.

ATI, 38, Indian, testified Dh1,100 was taken from his wallet.

PKS, 54, Indian, testified that he could understand that the first accused was asking for a police bus through the wireless. “They stole Dh2,700 from my wallet,” he testified.

The accused stole Dh270 from the wallet of SSS, 42, Indian. YKA, 42, said they claimed to be searching for alcohol but did not find any.

Police retrieved Dh1,050 from the garbage bin while the third accomplice disappeared with the rest of the money.

The court will reconvene on December 12.

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