Psychiatric reports on killer couple sought

The Dubai Criminal Court has ordered the submission of the psychiatric reports on the condition of the father who allegedly tortured and killed his eight-year-old daughter and buried her body with the help of his mistress.

The two accused have claimed mental instability. Rashid Hospital finished assessing the condition of the father while his mistress is being checked at Latifa Hospital.

The father, HSJ, 29, Emirati, appeared before the court and told presiding Judge Maher Salama Al Mahdi that the hospital had finished his psychiatric assessment. His mistress, AMA, 27, Emirati, failed to appear before the court.

The court is yet to hear the testimony of Mira, the other daughter who was also tortured by the couple and who was caused 10 per cent permanent disability.

In the first hearing of the case early last month, the father denied the accusation while his mistress confessed to all charges when she first appeared before the court early last month.

In the first hearing of the session, HSJ told the court presided by judge Maher Slamah Al Mahdi that he is innocent saying: “We did not kill her. The taser gun was not working.”

However, the father admitted to burying the body of his daughter Wadeema in the desert saying that he not know what to do with the body after his daughter died. He defended himself by saying that he was confused and he is now receiving therapy. HSJ also denied torturing his 7-year-old daughter Mira. He said he took her to Rashid Hospital for treatment of a broken arm.

His mistress, AMA, 27, told the court that she was the one who hurt Mira. The mother of the two girls attended the hearing who, at the end of the hearing, shouted at her divorced husband who had obtained the custody of the two girls from their mother last November. “May you burn in hell,” she shouted as she was leaving the courtroom.

The prosecution accused HSJ and AMA with torturing and imprisoning HSJ’s two daughters causing the death of Wadeema and 10 per cent of permanent disability to Mira.

The two were also accused of hiding the body of Wadeema and burying her body without obtaining the necessary permit from the authorities.

The court ordered the appointment of a lawyer to defend them.

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