Quran tutor gropes 7-year-old girl

A Bangladeshi worker, who taught the Holy Quran to a seven-year-old girl, allegedly groped her in the presence of her younger brother, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

In the afternoon of May 10, AR, 30, was in the dining room of the victim's house teaching her the Holy Quran. The little's girl's five-year-old brother was also present while their father was in a room upstairs.

Seeing that there was no adult around, the accused allegedly inserted his hand in the girl’s trousers and groped her private parts.

He also held her hand and put it on his private parts until he released his seminal fluid in her hand. He later asked her to wash her hands after he tried to clean it up with a tissue paper.

The little boy went upstairs to his father and told him that the Quran teacher "is bad."

Before answering why he thought so, the girl reached upstairs and told her father that she did not want to learn the Holy Quran any more.

“Asking her about the reason, I was shocked to hear from her that the tutor used to put her leg on his leg and grope her private parts. She also told me that he holds her hand and puts it on his private parts," the father AK, 37, Pakistani manager, told investigators.
When AK came down, the tutor had already left the house but the father saw the tissue paper under the table.

Police arrived and arrested the tutor who admitted to his crime before investigators and the court.

He confessed that he had done the same thing ten days ago.

The court will give its sentence on June 29.

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