RAK man stabs friend to stop blackmail for sex

Victim said to have extorted friend after sodomising each other while drunk

A man in Ras Al Khaimah stabbed his friend after he was fed up by his persistent demands to get money and sleep with him following a booze night during which the two sodomised each other. But the victim denied the claims.

A criminal court in the northern emirate was told by the defendant that he and his friend took turns in sodomising each other while drunk and that he regretted this after he sobered up, according to 'Al Bayan' newspaper.

The man told the judge that his friend started to extort him by threatening to expose their relationship unless he gave him money and slept with him again. He said his friend extorted more than Dh50,000 from him.

“He told court he had no choice but to stop his friend…he added that he decided to stab him after his friend tried to rape him one day.”

The paper, which did not identify the two, said the victim made no mention of that relationship during interrogation at hospital, adding that the court adjourned hearings for more witnesses.

Filipina offers body for money with husband’s help

Saudi Arabia’s feared religious police arrested a Filipina nurse for offering sex for money with the help of her husband, a newspaper said on Saturday.

Acting on a tip-off, members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice phoned the nurse at a hospital in Riyadh and posed as customers seeking to buy liquor and have sex.

“The nurse came to the agreed place on time…when she gave Commission members the alcoholic drinks and offered her body, they arrested her,” the Arabic language daily Alsaudi said.

It said the nurse came with a man, who turned out to be her husband. Both were arrested and referred to the prosecutor.

Wife wanted hubby to look like Turkish actor

A Yemeni woman quit her husband and returned to her parent’s house after he refused to wear jeans and style his hair like the popular Turkish actor Murad Alamdar, newspaper reported on Thursday.

The 20-year-old Sara was adamant on not returning to her husband Saad, 25, unless he accepted her demand that he dressed and carried himself like Alamdar, who starred in the popular Turkish TV series “Valley of the Wolves” that has been broadcast in most Arab countries, according to reports.

The woman left her house in the western Red Sea port of Hudeidah after her husband rejected all her demands and insisted on wearing the traditional Yemeni clothes, the papers said.

A relative of the woman was quoted as saying the families of the couple intervened to prevent a divorce and quickly formed a committee of relatives and tribal leaders to resolve the dispute.

“The committee decided that the wife must return to her husband provided he looks after his appearance since cleanliness is next go godliness…he was told to wear jeans like Alamdar while his wife was told to look after her husband’s clothes and speak to him with respect,” he said.

“After that decision, the couple reunited and the husband was seen with his wife wearing jeans and a black shirt for the first time in his life.”



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