Rejected suitor beats up, threatens girl

An Emirati student allegedly threatened a woman with causing a scandal about her, in addition to verbally and physically abusing her after trespassing her house as she had turned own his marriage proposal, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.
The 25-year old victim, SK, Emirati employee, told investigators that two years ago, she refused HA’s proposal to marry her that came through his mother.

“I refused him as he is one year younger than me. However, it seems that he did not accept the situation and started annoying me. I lodged a complaint with Sharjah authorities and after it was referred to Sharjah Court, I dropped my complaint,” she said.

“In May 2014, the accused resumed contacting me via SMs threatening to kill me if I did not pay him Dh50,000. One of his SMS messages read: ‘I will make Eid sacrifice. You whore,’ she said.

In threatening messages to the victim, the accused mentioned that he had managed to send her husband to jail. He also mentioned that he had hurt her daughter. He also threatened to send the daughter to jail unless she pays him the money on the same day, according to the records.

On July 27, 2014, at around 11pm, the accused entered the woman’s house through the door of the attached premises that was left open until return of her husband.

The victim told police that after he sneaked into the house, the accused beat her up, saying: “Do you think that I cannot reach you?”
After he left, she reported the incident to the police.
The victim was referred to the hospital which reported scratches and bruises in various parts of her body.

The victim supplied the police with the messages sent to her by the accused before the physical assault.

The court will reconvene on September 13.


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