Salesman slipped 7 gold chains into his pocket

 The Dubai Court of Appeal has upheld a verdict of the lower court, imposing a one-year jail term followed by deportation on a salesman who stole gold jewellery from his employer’s shop and handed them over to his former co-worker and his wife to sell them.

The same court also upheld a verdict of six months in jail awarded to the couple, MKT 23, salesman in another gold shop and his wife ASB, 33, for possessing stolen jewellery.

The main accused, RKK, 31, was found guilty of stealing seven golden chains worth Dh19,000.

The owner of the shop, KKM, 50, Indian, testified that one of his  salesmen had told him about some jewellery missing from the shop.

“Checking the CCTV recordings, we found out that RKK had hidden the gold chains in his pocket on different days in June. Confronting him with the CCTV images, RKK confessed to stealing the gold chains and handing them over to MKT who in turn handed them to his wife to sell them. I also had lent him Dh13,000 to pay off his debts,” the shop owner testified.

MKT confessed to buying the gold chains for Dh13,000, lesser than its actual value.

“RKK came to me one day and offered the chains which he told me he had stolen from the shop he worked in. I agreed to buy them and so gave him the money. I melted the chains and made other jewellery out of him. My wife kept one for herself,” he testified.

The three confessed to the crime.

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