Security officer get 3 months in jail for theft

A security officer who was captured on camera stealing from the safe in the accountant’s office in his company, was sentenced to three months in jail followed by deportation.

According to the records, MYI, 37, Indian, an accountant in a consultancy company, testified that between Dh500 to 1000 used to go missing every month and he used to reimburse the amounts from his pocket as he did not expect anyone to steal from the safe in his office.

“But last February, I suspected that there must be a thief when I found that Dh10,000 was missing. I installed a camera and linked it to my e-mail. Opening my e-mail, I found a number of pictures sent by the camera. It was the security officer who was captured by the camera. I told the manager who informed the police,” he testified.

Police arrested ZFM, Indian, 41, who admitted to entering the company’s premises several times taking advantage of the fact that he had a spare key and stealing different amounts from the safe in the accountant’s office.

ZFM confessed to transferring the stolen amounts to his family back home and showed the money transfer receipts to the police.

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