Servant accused of molesting sleeping minor girl

A domestic servant allegedly molested a girl below the age of 11 by groping her private parts after breaking into her parent’s house in Al Rifaa area, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AKN, 29, Indian, is also accused of entering the flat of MB against her will.

MB, 37, Indian, housewife, testified that at 1.20am on May 14, while she was sleeping in the bedroom with her daughter BF, 11, in her house in the Gold Souq in Al Rifaa area, she woke up as she felt the presence of a person in the room.

“When he saw me, he ran away from the flat.  As I was scared I locked the room’s door room from inside. I noticed that someone was trying to open the door from outside, so I started screaming and called the building’s security who found that the flat’s door was open and that nobody was in the flat. I opened the room’s door and called the police,” she testified.

Her daughter BF repeated the same testimony saying that she was sleeping in the room with her mother and brother when she felt someone groping her buttocks.

“I stood up and saw him. He was a man whom I had met once in the building’s lift.  He was standing next to the bed. He ran towards the room’s door when I stood up, then stopped and looked at me before disappearing . I woke up my mom who was sleeping next to me,” she told the prosecutors.

Captain Jafar Ali testified that the flat was open, the lock was not broken and there were no evidence of force used to open it.

The aim of the attacker was not theft. Investigating the case, police reached to accused -- a domestic servant who denied the accusation.

The court adjourned the case for verdict on July 19.

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