Speeding teen held after car gets stuck in sand

A 19-year-old student under the influence of drugs could not be caught until his car got stuck in the sand, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

OAH, Emirati, is accused of consuming hashish and promoting drugs to a juvenile being prosecuted before the Juvenile Court.

According to the records, on July 25, a police patrol on the road noticed a Nissan Patrol being driven rashly. “The vehicle was drifting to the right and the left raising suspicion that its driver was under the influence of drugs,” testified policeman Ibrahim Hussain.

The policeman tried to stop the vehicle but the driver did not respond to the request. Instead he quickly changed direction and drove into the small roads near the farms in Al Khawaneej area.

The police called for support and followed the vehicle until it got stuck in the sand. The accused got off the vehicle and tried to run away.
“I chased him, caught and kept him until support patrols arrived. The driver SAM was referred to the Juvenile Court and OAH’s urine tested positive for hashish and some other drugs,” he testified.

The accused claimed that he was under medical treatment and submitted a medical prescription. However,  the lab reported that the substances found in the urine were not due to medicines prescribed for the accused.

The same substances were found in the urine of the accused juvenile, proving his claim that OAH has given him drug tablets.

The court will issue its verdict on September 30.

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