Stalker of bank clients arrested in Dubai

Afghan illegal migrant is very dangerous and expert in disguise

Dubai’s police arrested an Afghan illegal migrant who targeted old people just after they withdraw money and leave their bank despite his skills in changing his features, newspapers reported on Saturday.

Police described the 32-year-old man as “very dangerous” and said they succeeded in capturing him following reports by many victims duped by the criminal to help him in fixing his presumed car for oil leakage.

The man confessed to police that he used to spray juice mixed with oil under a car and wait for the victim to pass his way. He would then ask him to help trace the source of leakage before stealing his money and fleeing.

“Our men managed to identify the man….they then saw him stalking one victim in Rafaa area…as he was about to trap that victim, our men seized him,” said Lt Colonel Ahmed Al Marri, director of the criminal research department.

Quoted by the semi official daily Alittihad, he said the man is an “expert in disguise” and that he had been deported from the UAE twice.

“We put the defendant in a line and all his victims identified him…we have published different photographs of him in case other people across the UAE had fallen victim to this man,” he said.


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