Steel scaffoldings found cut for stealing

A Bangladeshi guard allegedly attempted to steal scaffoldings after cutting them into pieces to enable them to be loaded onto a pickup van of a Pakistani, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On August 21 at around 5.30pm, two drivers, who were on their way to their company's site at Al Khawaneej to unload steel and scaffoldings, noticed two people at the construction site. They  were loading steel bars in a pickup. Coming closer, they found out that the two were loading scaffoldings that had been cut into pieces.

“We seized the two before they could run away and called our senior AA and informed him of the incident. The officer asked us to keep the thieves until he arrived at the scene,” said AK, Pakistani driver.

AA rushed to the site’s location and saw that scaffolding steel bars of the company had been cut into pieces and loaded in a pickup, so he called the police.

Police arrested MA, 24, Bangladeshi and BM, 23, Pakistani.

MA admitted to stealing the scaffoldings from the site while BM denied knowing that they had been stolen.

The court will give its sentence on October 22.

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