Student rapes girlfriend's friend after meeting over lovers' tiff

A student allegedly raped his girlfriend’s friend after a meeting with her to help him solve a problem with his girlfriend, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On January 9, SNS, 24, Emirati, called JAD, 38, Filipina, clerk, at around 3pm asking her the whereabouts his girlfriend ‘J’ who lived with her and other girls in the same house.

“When I told him I don’t know, he said that there are problems between him and his girlfriend and that he wants to take my advice to solve them. I asked him to call me after I finish my work. He called at around 11pm and said that he needed someone to talk to. I told him I am at home. He knew the house as he used to visit J.

“He came after about 10 minutes and asked me to open the door for him. I opened the door and received him in the kitchen as my roommates were sleeping. He talked about the problems and I told him that such problems are common. I advised him to leave her for some time to calm down.

“I got up from the chair and asked him to leave because it was late and I wanted to sleep. He pulled my hand and asked me not to go anywhere. I pulled my hand but he asked me to hug him. I refused and pushed him away. He raged and threatened to assault me and pushed me to the corner of the kitchen. I cried and begged him to leave me alone. He pushed me to the floor and had forcible sex,” she testified.

AND, 48, Filipina, saleswoman, testified that the victim woke her up at around 12.15am. She was very scared, crying and shivering.

HAM, 38, Filipina, administrative officer, testified that at around 12.30am she got a phone call from her friend who told her about what had happened to the victim.

“I rushed to their place and saw the victim in the bathroom crying and shivering. She told us what SNS did. She was scared to call the police since he is a national. She was scared of losing her job since she is the only provider of her family. I took her to my home so that she could sleep but she did not. The next day morning, ‘J’ called her and the two agreed to call the police,” HAM testified.

Other three roommates repeated the same testimony. J informed the police that SNS stays in the first floor of the same building.
Police lured him out of his flat and arrested him.

Criminal Evidences reported sperms of the accused in the body of the victim and on her clothes.

Forensic reported that the victim had a recent sexual intercourse.

The court will reconvene on July 18.

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