Supervisor pays debts to co-workers with their own salaries

Gets six months in jail for robbing salaries of employees

A technical supervisor who stole salaries of his co-workers to pay back money he owed them, has received a six-month jail sentence by the Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance.

According to records SMA, a 25-year old Pakistani stole Dh16,615 from his employer, the amount that was allocated as staff salaries, in order to pay money he owed his co-workers.

The company reported the theft of envelops that contained Dh16,615 that were kept in a drawer.

The company’s accountant Sayed Mohammed, 35, Indian testified that on October 12, one of the employees approached him to collect his salary.

“I was shocked to find six envelopes containing Dh16,650, all staff salaries, missing.

“I reported it to the police.

“I suspected SMA, who, on the same day, paid Dh6,000 to co-worker he owed money to.

I was sure he did not have the money as I know what his salary is,” he testified.

Police confronted him with the theft and he willingly confessed .

“The accused confessed to stealing the envelopes paying back the debts and spending the remaining amount except for Dh400,” testified First Corporal Obaid Humaid.

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