Survivor from maids' skewer fight attempts suicide

African housemaids had on Monday skewered each other in deadly fight

An African housemaid who suffered from serious injuries in a skewer fight that ended in the death of another maid tried to kill herself by banging her head against the wall many times at hospital in Dubai but was again saved.

Doctors at Rashid Hospital said they had saved the life of the maid after she was stabbed by a skewer many times by her colleague and that she has been moved out of the intensive care unit after her condition stabilized.

“She attempted a suicide by banging her head against the wall and the bed frame but was stopped by doctors and nurses,” Alkhaleej newspaper said, quoting Colonel Ali Ghanim, head of Bur Dubai police station.

He said investigators were awaiting doctors’ orders to question the maid about the fight with her colleague at their employer’s house in Bur Dubai this week. The battle inside the washing room ended in the death of the other African maid.

How the fight happened

Two arguing African housemaids locked themselves up in the washing room at their employer’s house in Bur Dubai and fought a pitched battle with skewers, resulting in the death of one and a serious injury to the second.

Commenting on the incident, Dubai’s top police commanders said it was an individual crime but stressed that employers must keep an eye on their domestic servants and ensure they do not have mental problems when they are hired.

Rushing to the house in Bur Dubai after receiving a call from the other maids, police smashed the door of the washing room and found both maids lying in a pool of blood.

One of them was dead while the others was rushed to hospital in a serious condition, according to Arabic newspapers,

Police said they were interrogating the other 12 domestic servants at the house, adding that the dead maid is around 22-years old.

“Employers must be careful in selecting their housemaids,” Dubai police commander Lt General Dahi Tamim.

“They should keep an eye on them for any abnormal behaviour to ensure they do not have any psychiatric problems…although we still do not know the real reasons for the fight, statements by the other servants indicate that one of the maids involved in the fight has not been normal since she was hired.”

The paper quoted another police officer as saying it was an “individual crime” which should not be “generalised.”

“There could be an old dispute between the two…but it is unfortunate that such a violent and ugly crime takes place inside a house, whose owners are not used to this…we are still questioning all other maids about the incident,” said Major General Khamis Al Mazinah, Dubai’s deputy police commander.

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