Tailor accused of groping woman client

BKS, a 37-year-old Indian tailor, allegedly groped a Filipina while she was trying on a skirt of the work uniform in his shop, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

In June, SRO, the 25-year-old victim, went to the tailor, who stitched work uniforms for her employer, to check the fitting of a skirt.

“I entered a fitting room and took off my trousers to try a skirt he gave me. Suddenly, he lifted the curtain that was used instead of a door.  My lower part was naked except for my underwear. He asked me to finish quickly as he wanted to close. I shouted at him and told him that the skirt he gave me was not fitting so he gave me another one to try.

“Then he took the measurement of my waist while I was wearing the other skirt. Suddenly, he pulled the skirt and inserted his hand below my underwear and groped my private parts. I shouted at him and put on my trouser. I left the shop while he was apologising for what he did. The next day, I reported the incident to the police,” she testified.

SHF, 30, Indian, a woman tailor who worked in the same shop, testified that the victim had come to the shop to alter her skirt. The accused took chest and waist measurements of the victim and then asked her to try one of the skirts.

“She entered the fitting area and then I got busy with a client who came to collect some dress. The counter was about five metres away from the fitting room. I got busy with the client for about 3 minutes. Then I saw the accused stepping out of the fitting room and after a while the victim walked out. I met her the next day in the restaurant of the hotel where she works and she told me how the accused molested her. I told her that she should report to the police. She answered that she will notify the HR department,” she testified.

The court adjourned the case for verdict until October 21.

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