Thief sneaks into bed with couple in Dubai flat

A thief who managed to sneak into an apartment in Dubai for burglary made a grave mistake when he crept into the bed and lay besides the woman who was sleeping next to her husband. His foul smell exposed him and later led the police to him.

A senior security official in the emirate told the Arabic language daily Emirat Alyoum the incident was among criminal cases that he would never forget.

Lt Colonel Ahmed Al Marri, training chief at Dubai’s CID, said the unnamed thief succeeded in entering the flat and taking some valuable items.

But before making away with the loot, the thief sneaked into the bedroom and there she was—a woman lying next to her husband.

“The thief could not resist the way she was lying…he crept into the bed and lay between the woman and her husband while they were asleep,” Marri said.

“He then start touching…at first, she thought it was her husband…but then she was jolted out of her sleep by the thief’s foul smell…she opened her eyes and screamed, prompting the thief to run away.”

Marri said the husband tried to capture the thief but he managed to flee, adding that police mounted an extensive manhunt just after the incident.

“We used trained police dogs, which managed to reach the thief’s whereabouts by following his smell at a nearby building….…the dogs then identified the thief from among 12 workers seized by the police.”

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