Three caught stealing Dewa power wires

A 36-year-old Pakistani along with a couple of others allegedly attempted to steal electricity wires from a Dewa station in Al Qussais, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

AA was keeping a watch on the street while other two were cutting electricity wires with a sharp tool when an engineer was passing by in a car.

“The three left everything behind and ran away. But I can clearly describe the looks of the man keeping a watch outside,” testified the engineer.

Police learnt that AA was involved in the theft. He was arrested and when confronted with the crime, he willingly admitted that he had been involved in the theft with two other people.

“We had planned the theft and took a taxi to Al Qussais area. We observed three stations and decided upon one of them.  I was watching the street while the other two entered the station and were cutting wires when a DEWA car passed by so we all run away,” admitted AA.

The Court will issue its verdict on July 31.

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