Three firms fined for fake work permits

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation referred three private sector firms to Al Ain’s Court of First Instance for allegedly issuing fake work permits and providing false data to the ministry to request quota for some facilities.

Mubarak Al Dhahiri, Under-Secretary at the MoHRE, said, "Such serious offenses shall not be tolerated, and directly referred to the court for immediate actions. According to Cabinet Decision No.40 of 2014, a Dh20,000 fine shall be slapped on each fraud case followed by a complete halt to granting any work permits to such establishments."

Al Dhahiri called upon local owners to follow up on businesses regularly in order to ensure avoiding such offenses.

He stressed the ministry’s keenness on providing services to all customers with complete ease, speed and accuracy, particularly, when it comes to issuing work permits, the ministry audits the requests through competent committees that ensures granting all the labour market necessities on time.

Al Ain Court of First Instance gave a sentence of one year's imprisonment to an Asian businessman (NK) followed by deportation from the country and confiscation of the documents which were presented and submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to request permits for two workers. The firm (SB) was also given a Dh50,000 fine.

The second case punished Asian businessman (MA) with one year's imprisonment followed by deportation, and the confiscation of the fake documents submitted to the ministry requesting two work permits, in addition to fining the firm (AA) Dh50,000 for breaking the law.

The final case punished Asian businessman (WB) with three years imprisonment followed by deportation, the confiscation of the submitted fake documents for three work permits, in addition to charging the firm (BA) a AED50,000 fine.