Three get 6-month jail for 2 car theft

Three Omanis were sentenced to six-month jail for breaking into a showroom, stealing a car and smuggling it to Oman.

Two jobless brothers AAF, 24, and MAF, 25, and ASF, 22, were charged guilty of breaking into HH car showroom, stealing a car and number plate and other documents.

First Sergeant Hamad Sultan, Head of Hatta Police Investigation Department, testified that on June 23, 2011, a theft at a car showroom was reported to the station.  

They stole Nissan and Lexus cars; but the latter broke down and they left it there on the road, the police officer testified.

Police suspected involvement of AAF, an Omani who stays in Oman. He was brought into the UAE and was arrested. AAF admitted committing the crime saying that on June 23 he was tending to visit Sharjah with the other two.

“While passing through Muzairie, ASF asked me to turn to Hatta to steal car from a showroom. I dropped ASF and MAF to the showroom and left the place. After sometime, they called me telling that the Lexus they stole has broken down. I turned back, picked up my brother and went to Oman. Reaching close to the border, ASF asked me to drive Nissan car he had stolen to Oman as he was scared to do so. I’d changed its colour from black to white and registered it in ASF’s name. Then sold it to someone called QK for Dh15,000,” AFF told the police officer.

His brother confessed to the crime and told First Sergeant Ali Saeed that ASF asked his brother to steal a car from a showroom.

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