Three get jail in Dh52k assault case

They confined, assaulted and threatened a man

Three Indians who confined a salesman for four days, and assaulted and threatened of killing him received three months in jail each.
They confined the person because one of his acquaintances allegedly had stolen Dh52,000 from the group.

According to the records, on November 13, 2015, RD, 27, was asked by his employer MR, 27, about the whereabouts of his acquaintance ‘S’ who worked in another shop.
RD testified: “When I told him that I do not know, he beat me up and locked me in a room. He also told me that I must pay Dh52,000 that ‘S’ stole or he would kill me. My employer, and co-workers AM and AA beat me with sticks.”
On November 17, the accused drove the victim to Al Ain looking to find ‘S’. But they did not find him.
The victim called MD and told him that he was confined by his employer and that he was in Al Ain and requested him to arrange Dh50,000.
MD promised to help him and informed police.
Police arrested all the three Indian suspects. All three denied charges but the court found them guilty and awarded each one to three months in jail.

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