Three months’ jail for threatening employer

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced MFN, a 27-year-old Pakistani visitor, to three months in jail for threatening to kill his employer if the latter did not pay him Dh60,000 as compensation for losing his job with a previous employer.

The victim, BFH, 43, Dutch, owner of a company, testified that he had found out that MFN who was offered the job of  logistic manager in his company though he did not have the required academic qualification.

“I sent him an email that he is unwanted by the company. On March 27, at around 10.40am, he came to the company and at the reception he told me that I am the reason he lost his job with his previous employer and that I should pay him Dh60,000 as compensation or he would kill me at the company’s reception and then kill himself. I asked him if he was threatening me and he answered yes. So I called the police who came and arrested him,” he testified.

Corporal Adel Mohammed testified that when he was rushed to the company, the complainant was down in the street and informed him that an ex-employee is not willing to leave the company. On questioning the accused, he said he wanted to know why the owner terminated his services after only one month.

“This is an arbitrary sacking and he should pay me five months salary, that is,Dh60,000,” the accused told the policeman.

When the policeman asked MFN to leave the place, he threatened the company’s owner saying: “I will kill you”. When the policeman asked him why he is threatening the owner, he replied that, by sacking him, he had been killed by the owner. 

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