Top UAE court supports sacking of preacher

A Muslim preacher who had won a case of dismissal against a federal ministry in two local courts lost the case at the top court, which found the ministry’s decision was justified by his absence for more than 10 days.

A court of first instance in Abu Dhabi had ordered the unidentified ministry to reinstate the preacher to his job and pay him all his dues since he was sacked.

An appeals court upheld that sentence, prompting the department to appeal again with the Federal Supreme Court (FSC), the highest judicial authority.

The FSC found that the preacher, who had worked at the ministry from 2003 to 2011 was sacked, because he was absent from work for more than 10 successive days without any reason, Alkhaleej daily said.

“He also rejected a decision by the Ministry to move from Abu Dhabi to Umm Al Quwain. The court supported the ministry’s decision to sack him.”

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