Trader charged for assaulting debt collector

A 47-year-old Iraqi trader, OFM, allegedly assaulted an accountant who came to his office to collect debt and left him 5 per cent permanent disability, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

The victim, MAA, 57, testified that on April 23, 2011, at around 11am he visited OFM in his office in Al Rifaa area to collect debt.

“I entered his office and showed him bills of the debts and told him that I had visited him several time to collect the debts. He raged in anger and started shouting and refused to pay the debts. I left the office and walked towards the lift. He followed me shouting and pushed me. I fell to the ground on my right shoulder. I felt as if it broke because it my arm was hardly moved. I told him that I will complain to the police… Then I stepped into a neighbouring office and asked them to call for an ambulance for me,” he testified.

FYM, 42, Iraqi, partner, testified that he approached the victim and his brother a week after the incident and that he is ready to pay the cost of his treatment.
The victim’s brother YAA, 44, electrical engineer, testified that the accused approached him with other two trying to solve the problem amicably and he apologised that he did not intend to hurt him expressing tendency to pay all the treatment cost.

The victim sustained fraction in his arm and a five per cent permanent disability. The court will reconvene on July 29.

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