Transit passenger had drugs stuffed in laptop

A 27-year-old Nigerian transit passenger allegedly transported 1.8kg of the banned drug methamphetamine stuffed in a laptop computer and its accessories, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

First Corporal Khalid Malek testified that while he was on duty at Dubai Airport on October 7, he became suspicious of transit passenger FSA.

“I asked him to switch on the laptop. He said he cannot because its battery is empty. He also said he cannot remove the battery cover which I asked him to do. On removing the battery, drugs were found stuffed in the laptop. Wrappers of drugs were also found in the laptop’s charger,” he testified.

The laptop and the charger were opened in front of the passenger who denied knowing anything about the drugs that were stuffed in it. He claimed that he was given the laptop by a man who had asked him to hand it over to a person in Malaysia, the officer testified.

Another officer repeated the testimony. A medical test for drug taking proved negative but FSA tested positive for Aids.

The court adjourned the case to January 5 for verdict.

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