'Tumble trickster' picks pedestrian's pocket

A jobless Ethiopian, who along with a fugitive, tumbled a pedestrian and stole Dh50,000 from his pocket before running away, was sentenced to two years in prison.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered NS, 36, to be deported after serving his jail term.

According to the records, on September 16 at 12.30pm, Nepali accountant KN, 33, went to the bank and encahsed a cheque of Dh200,000 for his employer.

“I put Dh150,000 in a bag that I hung on my left shoulder and the remaining Dh50,000 I put in my left pocket. I came out of the bank and started walking towards the office.

“Half the way through on Al Musalla Street in Ayal Nasser area, a man tumbled me and another person held me to prevent me from falling. I felt a hand in my left pocket. I inserted my hand in my pocket and did not find the money. I looked at one of the two men, asking him what he had done. Instantly, he ran away. I ran after him until he got into a building. I waited for him outside for about a minute.  Then he got out of the building and I ran after him, screaming for help from pedestrians. Some people in the street succeeded in catching him and held him until police arrived,” said the victim.

Footage of CCTV of a shop where the theft occurred showed the two accused tumbling the victim and stealing money from his pocket.

NS, 36, admitted to tumbling the victim.