Two get one year in jail for passport forgery

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced two British citizens to one year in jail followed by deportation after convicting them for forgery, swindling and embezzlement.

MA, 23, and AAA, 33, were accused by Dubai Prosecution of forging a passport belonging to a British citizen and using his Visa card to buy an expensive watch and jewellery worth about Dh180,000.

They forged the entry stamp of Dubai airport on a British passport belonging to Charles William Stump. They are also accused of tampering with the passport by removing its holder’s picture and replacing it with another and changing information on the same page.

The two used the Visa card and a photocopy of the tampered passport to pay for a watch of Dh137,150 value. They did the same to pay Dh40,250 to buy jewellery. The two men then went to a jewellery shop and tried to sell some of the jewellery. As they did not have invoices that proved ownership of the jewellery they want to sell, the shop salesman notified the CID people who were in the gold souq.

Searching them, police found a photocopy of the British passport, Visa card and gold jewellery. At their house, police found their tampered passport and torn jewellery invoice.

AAA confessed to buying jewellery using the Visa card and the forged passport. He told police that he was badly in need of money so he called his friend in Britain who came specifically to help him commit the fraud using a tampered passport.

Forensic reported forgery of the passport and authenticity of the Visa card.