UAE car buyers warned... fake automotive parts used in pre-owned vehicles

Cars must be examined by independent mechanic, says expert

The high turnover of residents in the UAE has contributed to a large second hand car culture, and car sales have surged in the Emirates as economic stability returns to the country.

However, prospective second-hand car buyers are being urged to have the vehicles checked thoroughly before making the final purchase because fake automotive products are in use raising safety concerns.

“Before anyone buys a used car it’s crucial to do as much research as possible to ensure the car meets their needs, meets Gulf specifications, and is in good condition,” said Asad Badami, Managing Director of the region’s leading automotive parts distributor, A-MAP.

“Even if the service history shows that the vehicle is in immaculate condition, without question the car still needs to be examined by an independent mechanic to check its condition, as well as the condition of any non-original parts – fake parts can be a major safety hazard,” he added.

A-MAP issued a warning earlier this year for car owners to avoid purchasing fake automotive products, saying that they are not tested and have a questionable safety profile.

Buying a used car avoids the depreciation hit that new-car owners are burdened with in the first year of ownership, allowing it to retain its value for longer.

A-MAP is one of the UAE’s leading automotive part suppliers.

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