Ultimate getaway: Killer hides in cop station

An Asian worker who murdered his friend during a booze night went to the Abu Dhabi police and told them he had fled his sponsor and wanted to be deported.

Police investigator later suspected the man was involved in the murder after finding his friend’s body and colleagues told them the two were together during that day, according to newspapers.

During interrogation, the suspect later confessed to the murder and said he had done so after his friend insulted him. He said he attacked his friend and hit him with a liquor bottle on the head many times before fleeing their living place in Musaffah industrial area just outside the capital.

“The man was arrested and charged with premeditated murder… it was a case of a killer hiding at the police station,” Emirat Alyoum daily said.

Man gets 3 years for sodomy

The UAE’s top court upheld an appeals court ruling and sentenced a man to three years in prison after he was convicted of sodomizing another man.

A court of first instance had sentenced the unnamed defendant to seven years but an appeals court reduced the verdict to three years, prompting the man to appeal with the Federal Supreme Court.

He man argued that he was involved in sodomy with the consent of the other man but the court found that he had also filmed that man naked and pressured him to agree to his request.

“The court was told that the defendant sodomized that man more than once at his home and inside his car,” Emirat Alyoum daily said, without mentioning where the crime had taken place.

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