Visitor drowns his friend in beach

A Kenyan visitor allegedly drowned his compatriot while swimming in the beach, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

On January 22, the victim OM, accompanied his friend FA, 30, who is on a visit visa, and two other restaurant co-workers to an open beach.

The victim OM and FA got into the water for a swim while the other two stayed at the beach.

While the two were on the shore they saw FA push OM into the water several times before he disappeared.

The FA got out from water and asked his friends about the victim.

They replied saying that he should know since he was with OM.

The two friends testified that the visitor tried to run away leaving behind his belongings.

They got hold of him until police arrived, but then he took advantage of the crowd and ran away.

However, police was not told that the visitor drowned the victim.

The body was sent to the hospital and Forensic report show that the victim died of drowning. It also showed that OM had high levels of alcohol in his body that may have affected his consciousness, physical control and reactions.

Later the two witness told another co-worker JM, 26, how they saw the visitor FA drowning the victim.

JM was aware of a dispute between the victim and the visitor.

On the following day, JM informed his employer that the victim's drowning may have been deliberate.

DJ, 54, Italian restaurant investor, informed the police a week after the crime.

Police started investigating the case, which initially appeared to be normal because the victim had too much alcohol in his body.

After hearing the testimony of JM, Police arrested FA who admitted that he was swimming with the victim and claimed that he was joking with him and put his head several times into the water before he disappeared.

The accused also confessed that he was under the influence of alcohol when he was swimming.

FA was accused of pre-mediated murder and consuming alcohol, while his two restaurant workers were charged of not informing the authorities about the crime.

The court will reconvene on July 17.